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BCT is excited to offer affordable online classes in the theatre arts.


Intro to Stage Dialects


Taught by Irene Dennis

Many stage roles, at all levels of production - whether student, community, or professional - require dialects. An actor who auditions for these roles should have an idea how to prepare for and handle these dialect requirements. This class will provide you with the basic tools you need to create consistent, believable, quality stage dialects. We will use the same time-tested techniques as professionals and professional training programs throughout the world.

What will be covered:
Introduction to the phonetic alphabet; types of vocal sounds and how they are produced; how to use sound substitutions to create a dialect, and applying them to readings and monologues.

Dialects we will touch on:
"General" or "Standard American Speech" - i.e., without regionalisms;
"Standard" or "Upper" British*

students will vote on a third dialect to study, or will each choose their own.

4 class sessions, 2.5 hours per session
Tuesdays, April 26-May 17, 2022


$45 non-members

$30 BCT members


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